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Photo grabbed from google images
My father adored Mona Lisa, there was a particular smile and enthusiasm on my father's face whenever he talked about the Mona Lisa portrait. What triggered my father's fondness behind that mystic smile I will never know. But there were times when I see Mona Lisa, it reminded me of of my father's charming smile. 
Last year, I came across a particular knitting project that really caught my attention. It was a knitted portrait of Mona Lisa. Since my father was a Mona Lisa fan, I decided to study the knitting technique called illusion knitting. After realizing that I can knit illusion knits, I was inspired to knit Mona Lisa in my father's memory.

So here is my masterpiece!
When you look straight on to a piece of illusion knitting you see only stripes. A picture or pattern can be seen when you look from a different angle.  - Steve Plummer, Illusion Knitting Designer.
Thanks to my batchmate who sent me yarns from US and to Gantsilyo Guru Selections for ordering a specific yarn in my behalf. *^.^*
<![CDATA[Knit Ball]]>Sat, 27 Sep 2014 15:08:35 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/knit-ball
Every avid knitter benefits from the inner rhythm that knitting generates. As for me, knitting calmed me and inspired me. It made my life incredibly exciting by awakening the "creativeness" in me. For every inspiration, a knitted project is created, creativity is expressed! 

Experiencing the positive effect of knitting first hand, I decided to teach knitting. This traditional craft, though stereotyped for grandmothers is for all ages and gender, as long as it fascinates you. If you would  like to feel the inner peace knitting has to offer, then knitting is worth learning. 

In my upcoming workshop, I developed a teaching method that will aid an easy grasp of the basic skills of knitting. With the fundamentals of knitting, participants will have an end product that will showcase the skill they acquire during the two-day workshop. 
Knit Ball designed by Lady Imana.
<![CDATA[Knit Up Philippines - First Year Anniversary!]]>Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:53:23 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/knit-up-philippines-first-year-anniversaryAugust 2014, was Knit Up Philippines' first year anniversary. Knit Up Philippines is a group established by knitters from Quezon City. Our aim is to meet regularly to share knitted projects, inspirations, favorite knitting materials and anything and everything about knitting. Fellow knitters can join us in ravelry.  We have virtual discussions that benefit its members, this is an interesting group for knitters based in the Philippines. 
Since it's our first year anniversary, I was inspired to knit a doll to be given to one of Knit Up Philippines members. I knitted this wonderful fairy, hoping that this knitted fairy will make someone smile. 
Green Fairy with her fancy wand!
The creator with her creation. *^.^*
Knit Up Philippines' First year anniversary!
<![CDATA[Basic Knitting Workshop]]>Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:00:51 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/basic-knitting-workshop
I will be teaching Basic Knitting for beginners or rusty knitters who have not picked up their needles for a long time. It will be a two-day workshop (two Saturdays, October 18 and 25 at 2PM-5PM). In the workshop, participants will get to know knitting equipment, learn the two popular knitting methods, basic knitting stitches, how to read and understand patterns and more! Participants will finish a Stitch Ball project that will reflect the knitting stitches that they acquired during the two-day workshop.

October 18 & 25, 2014, two consecutive Saturdays
2nd Floor The Will to Heal
Jardin de Zenaida
34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave., Barangay South Triangle 
Quezon City

Workshop Fee at PHP 1200 only
inclusive of 2-day workshop,
personal knitting kit & workshop manual.

For registration, please call or text 
Lady Imana at 0908-1823217 
e-mail: ladyimana@gmail.com 

Reserve now!
Limited slots only.
<![CDATA[Blessing From Above!]]>Mon, 18 Nov 2013 16:23:19 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/blessing-from-aboveMy boyfriend and I are in our early thirties. So it is inevitable that most of his friends and my friends are tying the knot and then creating their own families. 
So one of his friends, had a little cute, calm baby girl! She was indeed a treasure! A blessing from above! I was lucky to carry her.  My oh, my; this little baby amazed me! She seemed not tired from the christening. She was happy, smiles alot and never cried, even though she was being passed around by her adult guests! 
The christening was also the "reunion" of my boyfriend's college friends with their respective partners and family. 
As for our present to the little one (my boyfriend was one of the Godfathers of Baby Zoey *(n.n)*). I decided to knit her a pair of booties and a headband. I hope it fits her! 
My second  knitted booties! Pattern designed by Lucie Sinkler (pattern is for free at ravelry, published in Quick to Knit: Knitting for Babies: Blankets, Booties, Bibs & MoreHowStuffWorksKnitting for Babies: Blankets, Booties, Bibs & More ). The headband was a simple garter stitch. =)
<![CDATA[Upcoming December Weddings]]>Mon, 04 Nov 2013 08:29:45 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/december-weddingsI will be part of an important union of two couples that are very close to me and my boyfriend. This coming December ten days apart, Alex and I will dress up for the upcoming December weddings. *(n.n)*
Potchi Barrientos & Potchi La Bonita
A Bedan Marries an Iska
So I was inspired to knit a bride...
... then a groom.
Presenting, the bride and the groom at The Farm at San Benito.
the walk...
under the 200-year old mango tree
by the nipa hut at the lagoon
the wedding couple
I just love weddings! It's happy, marry and exciting for the couple and guests! Looking forward to my friends weddings. *^.^*

Thanks for allowing me to post one of your prenuptial pictures (Ronan & Joyce, Lai & G).
<![CDATA[From Naughty-ness to Bootie-ness]]>Wed, 16 Oct 2013 03:57:14 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/from-naughty-ness-to-bootie-nessOne of my closest friend got engaged New Year of 2012, of course her four bridesmaids planned a surprise bridal shower for her.
I decided to knit her a doll and since it's a bridal shower, I added a little naughty-ness to the knitted doll.
My friend's reaction?! Priceless! hehehe
Then she got married! 
Several months later... she gave birth birth to angel... she asked me to make something like this for her baby girl...
I barely crochet so I decided to knit a pair of booties...
My first  knitted booties! Pattern designed by Lucie Sinkler (pattern is for free at ravelry, published in Quick to Knit: Knitting for Babies: Blankets, Booties, Bibs & MoreHowStuffWorksKnitting for Babies: Blankets, Booties, Bibs & More ).
And the booties were worn on a special day... her daughter's christening... I am a proud knitter! *(n.n)*
<![CDATA[Indigenous People from Ifugao - Knitters!]]>Fri, 20 Sep 2013 17:00:26 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/indigenous-people-from-ifugao-knittersI came across Ricefield Collective website. According to the site, it's a collaboration between knitting teachers and designers based in the U.S. and Europe, with indigenous people from the Ifugao region of the Philippines. The goal of the collective is to use handknitting as a way of maintaining the sustainability of life in Ifugao by training its villagers to make high-quality knitted items and other handicrafts.

I believe this is a great collaboration to help the indigenous people from Ifugao region in the Philippines. They have interesting colors and designs that will surely keep you warm this coming autumn and winter for those who live in four seasoned countries. While here in the Philippines one can buy it in time  to use this coming December until February which are considered cool months in the Philippines. 

Among their Presale collection. I like the following:
Spiral Slouchy / Red
$48.00 USD
Classic yet chic with its innovative, swirling lines, this slouchy is a true overachiever.
Model: Anna • Fit: One Size - Slouchy • 100% American Wool • Made in Uhaj, Ifugao, Philippines.
This is a presale item and will ship by September 30, 2013.

                                   Terrace Cowl | River                                  
$68.00 USD
Inspired by a local basketweave pattern, this versatile cowl can be worn folded or unfolded depending on the weather.
Model: Meredith• Fit: One Size - Relaxed • 100% American Wool • Made in Uhaj, Ifugao, Philippines.
This is a pre-sale item that will be shipped by September 28, 2013.

                                     Cable Set / Peacoat                                    
$112.00 USD
Like our women to their land, this pom hat and plush cowl simply belong together, united by rising cables that make them warm, elegant, and comforting.
Model: Letty • Fit: One Size - Relaxed • 100% American Wool • Made in Uhaj, Ifugao, Philippines.
This is a presale item and will ship by September 30, 2013.
For those who wants to see the detail (the knit stitches up close) of the Ricefield Collective Knitted products, check their site. 

I encourage my fellow Filipinos to support our kababayan from Ifugao. Specially those who live in four seasoned countries. Every time one buys a product from Ricefield Collective, we help them by sustaining life in rice terraces - one of Philippines' legacy! 
Rice Terraces! How majestic! *(n.n)*
Also, check out West Knits website to get to know more about Ricefield Collective and Stephen West's adventure with the people from Ifugao. 

*all photos are taken from Ricefield Collective and Knit West websites. Thank you!
<![CDATA[The Valentinees]]>Wed, 04 Sep 2013 10:15:57 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/the-valentineesI was inspired to knit Miss Valentine and Bell-boy from Jean Greenhowe's Little Gift Dolls last February in time for the love month. 
I did not follow the recommended hairstyle, however after finishing it, I was not satisfied, so...
I ended up changing her hair to color brown, then fixing her hair in bun.
Bell-boy was knitted to be Miss Valentine's partner. However, most of the people who saw this doll thought it was a girl!
I hope adding ears did the trick!
From this...
to this!
Now the couple is ready for some champagne! *^.^*
<![CDATA[Knit Up Philippines]]>Wed, 04 Sep 2013 08:55:14 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/knitting-blog/knit-up-philippinesI am pleased to share that I am part of KNITTING group here in the Philippines! Since we had our meet-up last April we managed to schedule meet-ups upon meet-ups... So last August it was suggested that we start a group on Ravelry to attract more knitters to our knitting group.

Wina one of my fellow knitters came up with this group description. 

"This group was created by a small group of knitters from Quezon City who try to meet up regularly to talk about knitting and such. The objective of the group is to create a virtual platform where they can share about their WIPs, their inspirations, their favorite materials, etc, in between actual meet-ups. They would also like to attract like-minded knitters who would like to join them in these little meet-ups and virtual discussions.
Feel free to join!"

So calling all knitters, join and explore the wonders of knitting with the dynamic group called Knit Up Philippines on Ravelry!

Me, Wina and Bum - founding members of Knit Up Philippines! Photo taken from Wina's blog. =)