<![CDATA[                    Knitting with Lady Imana - Anything and Everything]]>Fri, 08 Jan 2016 13:32:45 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[... there's none as special as my own"]]>Sat, 02 Nov 2013 10:03:38 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/-theres-none-as-special-as-my-ownAfter reading this keepsake box, I felt every word described my father, Ama. 

So I changed the word Father to Ama then printed it for him.
"Off all the father's I have known there's none as special as my own!" I miss you and love you so much Ama. You remain alive in my heart.
My nephew sang this to me. I really like it. It describes exactly how I feel about my father, not seeing him but feeling him from time to time...

Who Has Seen the Wind?
by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you.
But when the leaves hang trembling,
The wind is passing through.
Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I.
But when the trees bow down their heads,
The wind is passing by.
<![CDATA[ MerKaBah Method Workshop]]>Wed, 04 Sep 2013 12:52:35 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/merkabah-method-workshopMy sister invited me to attend a workshop. It's called MerKaBah Method Workshop facilitated by Pheonyx Roldan Smith. I have no idea what to expect from the workshop, but the day before the full day workshop I received an e-mail on what to prepare for the next day's workshop.

Geared with yoga mat, pillow, and other stuff asked to be brought, I left early. We were advised to come on time since they will not allow late comers to join the workshop. In my opinion, that was good because no one came in late. =)

Here's the description of the workshop that I read from the organizers of the event on FB.

"The Full-Day MerKaBah Method Light Body Activation Workshop integrates sound, light, energy, movement, and transformative breathwork in order to activate the inner light body, clear mental and emotional obstacles, and open up the path of understanding to your life purpose…

MerKaBah is an ancient Hebrew term that, means “Chariot” and in ancient Egyptian translates into:
Mer= energy/light
Ka= spirit/heart
Bah= soul/body

The MerKaBah is a literal electromagnetic energy field that exists around you and every living thing throughout the Universe. When the MerKaBah (star tetrahedron) is activated within and around you, it results in a deeper connection with your Higher Self, offers unparalleled energetic protection, and will strengthen every aspect of life. When the MerKaBah is activated, the individual also establishes a deeper connection to the collective lightbody of the planet (feminine energy) penetrated by the unconditional Love of the Universe (masculine energy). It is, in essence, an interdimensional vehicle, otherwise known as “The Vehicle of Light”. Simply put, the MerKaBah is the divine lightbody (vehicle) used to connect with the higher realms, clear karmic obstacles, and connect you more fully to your higher purpose on the planet at this time.

This FULL DAY workshop will walk you through the mental, emotional and physical understandings and practice of opening up and activating your lightbody with the intention of releasing old karmic energies and connecting with higher self and your life purpose. Learn more about applying the power of intention and allowing and release mental obstacles that are getting in your way in the creation process. Release old energies of the pain body. Understand how energy flows into, through and out of all things. Connect with your Higher Self and others in a unique and most profound way. Meet others on the path and be supported in that knowing as you step more fully into a community of Light. Welcome to the journey. Are you ready to move to the next level?"

Am I ready to move to the next level? Hahaha... I hope so...

As an ice breaker we were asked to pick a card from the deck of Ascended Masters Oracle. It was emphasized that everything happens for a reason so the card that we got has its significance to us. So I got this ascended master Hina. I do not really know her but the word Freedom indeed has an impact on me!
After the introduction, discussion about energy, life then  "reflection, take action workshop..."
We had BREATH workshop which was challenging for me since I had a hard time breathing properly when lying flat. I am thankful I endured it!
The 3rd batch of the Full Day MerKaBah Method Workshop in Manila.
I believe there will be several workshops scheduled until September 14, 2013 before Phoenyx flies back to USA.

I hope this information helps...
LOCATION: ISIS International 
#3 Marunong Street
Barangay Central, Quezon City
Phone Number (+63 2) 928-1956

All photos were taken from Phoenyx Roldan Smith's FaceBook.

AHO! *6.6*
<![CDATA[Governess at Work!]]>Thu, 15 Nov 2012 22:41:14 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/governess-at-workPhotos of My Life since January 2012 to present! Others think that I do nothing in life since I stopped working as a regular employee way back 2009. Maybe there's truth in it. There are months, weeks and days I simply lost my way, cannot figure out what to do with my life especially when I am in pain due to health condition. I struggled figthing the disease that's eating me, little did I realize that you do not really need to fight it (it's hard figthing it, maybe just my case... it took all my fighting spirit - left me hopeless, worthless, depressed) but once I found a way (and still finding new ways) to empower myself despite health restrictions. Life became better, exciting, fun and challenging! I focused on important people in my life. So now I am happy and fulfilled. I am not afraid of the future but simply seizing the present. I thank God for all the wisdom and Ama for what occurs to me like visits to remind me that people do love me despite my short comings... *(n.n)* So when people ask me what's my work - I am some kick ass GOVERNESS! Bwahahahaha...
                                                              Celebrating New Year 2012 with Ama! 
                         In costume: Geometry Goddess, Shaolun Little Master, Cow Girl, Oliver Twist, Mindanao Wise Woman La Turista Sophisticada. 
                                            Cebu Trip with Marie and Rock. Sinulog Festival January 2012
                                                        Ignacio Family Reunion - January 2012
                                                                      January Birthdays!
<![CDATA[World Teachers' Day]]>Fri, 05 Oct 2012 16:52:56 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/world-teachers-dayAs soon I went online, I read many posts thanking teachers. No wonder, today is World Teachers' Day!

First Teachers
Parents are our first teachers. Indeed my parents were my teachers, figuratively and literally. I was raised by two great teachers. My father was then a UP professor at UP College of Education teaching Social Studies, he also taught in UP Baguio High School, UP High School, UP Preparatory School, UP Integrated School, Ramon Magsaysay in Cubao, and barrio schools in Pangasinan. My mother is currently teaching in the same university and college but teaches in Language Area, she also taught in UP Baguio High School.

"A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience's attention; then he can teach his lesson." This is one of the best quotes to describe how Professor Mabuhay A. Alonzo starts his class. He would share significant anecdotes of his colorful life, or start with newspaper headlines or as simple as a funny joke. Once the attention of the class is all his he starts with his lessons. The lesson - usually about nationalism. He inculcated love for ones country among his students. Telling them that a person should not focus on what the country can do for you but instead what you can do for your country. I know this because I was once his student in Education 100: Philippine Educational System. Sir Buhay did not only teach inside the classroom, he was one of those professors that would ask his students to go to significant rallies and fight for what is perceived right for the welfare of students or common Filipino people. He loves reading newspapers, so he is always updated with current events. Lessons were not just in books, important  matters were discussed in class, inspiring students to be critical thinkers. A blog by Mi one of Prof. Alonzo's student way back 2004 proves that Sir Alonzo awakened analytical and creative thinking among his students. Also, I believe that he is one of those teachers students will never forget. He is an all time favorite by most students. This blog mentioned that Sir Buhay was one of his favorite teachers. If you wish to read more about Sir Buhay read this one.

Dr. Rosario I. Alonzo on the other hand is an English teacher. She teaches in three levels: college, masters and Ph.D. If you like to learn and read countless readings then she is your type of teacher. Many students find her strict and serious. However if you're the studious type you will realize how great teacher she is. You will learn a lot in her class. She will help you work on your thesis, guiding you in achieving great researches in order to finish your MA or Ph.D. I remember one former student topped the license exam for teachers, she thanked Dr. Alonzo in the local newspaper (if I remember it correctly the student was interviewed, how she managed to top the test) for being an instrument to her triumph. Many grateful students send cards, tokens to her to express how they appreciate her greatness in teaching.

Great Teachers I will Never Forget
I spent 17 years of my life in school, wow really, 17 years! I will never forget several teachers and professors during those years.

Prof. Zenaida Policarpio is my favorite teacher during my High School years. There were no dull moments in her class since she cracks jokes every now and then, which were really funny. Her simple remarks turns out to be funny. I had tons of unforgettable moments in her class, which whenever I see my former classmates and friends then we talk about it, until this very day make us laugh 'til our stomach aches and jaws in pain. Of course, I will never forget her since she is the only professor who called me Ms. Maganda... hehehe...

Ms. Christine Parial was my Physics teacher when I was in grade 10. She was blessed with great looks so most of the boys in our class sit in front of the class "pretending" to listen to her lessons. When she asks if the lesson was clear the boys will answer her "CRYSTAL" but I know this was double meaning for those juvenile boys. I also remember not attending her class one time when my friend and I got wet due to heavy rains (during that time, I have a subject wherein I am a teacher aid in UP Elementary so we walk to and from UP High School in Katipunan to UPIS 3-6 which is inside UP Campus), anyway Laiza and I stayed in the bathroom to dry ourselves while waiting for our next class since we decided not to attend Physics. When the class was finished we checked if it's "safe" to come out so no one will notice that we did not attend the class, while walking a loud voice said "Hoy! Cutting kayong dalawa!" As we turned we saw ma'am Parial waving her index finger indicating we are in trouble. But she did not really make a big deal out of it. (n.n)

Prof. June Prinsipe was my Practical Arts teacher, she was the one who taught us how to sew using a machine, cook, bake, bathe a newly born baby and taught sex education. Which the later was so boring for girls while the boys at that time were all seated in front, asking questions that were so out of this world for young minds at that time. "Tama po ba ko" was her favorite phrase when discussing in class. And yes, I  agree with her when she emphasized that the things she teaches are practical lessons in life and we will use those in our everyday lives.

The fun, funny and cool professors that I remember were Sir Asuncion, Sir Manuel, Sir Diaz. Each professor own a beetle car and they park usually side by side.  Their jokes year after year were showing the class ginormous pencil, bulb, triangle that never failed to make students laugh. 

Ma'am Gaying was my college professor who told us go out of the classroom and watch the oblation run! That was the time I saw naked men! ;p

Sir Peregrino is very passionate in teaching lanaguage, my interest in language and culture was awaken.

Ma'am I forgot her name, was the one who required students to write about modern Filipino hero and even though I crammed that paper that particular final requirement  was published later on in a textbook for High School entitled  Raya: Gramatika at Pagbasa sa Filipino II, by C&E Publishing, Inc.

Sir Monico Atienza loves discussing martial law era. There was a time when I received a message telling us that our class will be at Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City. I thought it was a joke so I replied "weh JOKE?!" to which he replied hindi si Sir Nic talaga ito. Sometimes he seats with us students during lunch time. Sharing his life during martial law. Oh I miss him but I know he is in a better place right now.

Gosh, I have tons of teachers I think I will end for now. So to all my teachers thank you very much for inspiring, believing in me and awakening my potentials. Happy World Teachers' Day! Enjoy this month long celebration! Educators deserve it!
              Dr. Ross Alonzo & Prof. Buhay Alonzo
               Ma'am Poli, me & my friends.
Sir Asuncion, Sir Manuel and Sir Diaz with their cars!
                            Ma'am Gaying
                                Sir Nic
<![CDATA[Three Years in Heaven]]>Mon, 20 Aug 2012 14:23:03 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/three-years-of-heavenIts been 3 years, and I am so thankful that Ama remains ALIVE in my heart. *^.^*

<![CDATA[Birthdays, birthday and more birthdays!]]>Thu, 26 Jul 2012 04:09:07 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/birthdays-birthday-and-more-birthdaysCelebrating one's birthday is one of the best experience, especially when you're a kid. The opening of gifts, eating your favorite food and having fun on your birthday is a great episode in our childhood.

The delight of throwing simple but fancy birthday parties makes me alive. So here are some of the birthday celebrations we had.

Lareessa turns 5!
A simple way to show Ina we love her.
Lareessa turned 4!
Joaquin excited to open one of his gifts.
Celebrating Ama's birthday, even if he is in heaven.
Joaquin with 9 birthday candles!
<![CDATA[Tribute for Prof. Mabuhay Alonzo]]>Mon, 18 Jun 2012 03:01:53 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/tribute-for-prof-mabuhay-alonzoIt's great to know that my father touched lives during his life time...
I love this article about Ama... "My friends and I took the subject without any knowledge of who the teacher would be since the subject roster listed the professor’s name as “TBA” (or To Be Announced). On the first day of classes, a light framed elderly man entered our classroom and asked “Who’s your teacher?” – to which a classmate said “TBA po”. “ Oh, this is my class”, the man replied as he proceeded to the teacher’s table and introduced himself. “Ako ay si Teacher Buhay Alonzo, TBA.”

I hope most of his former students, colleagues, friends will keep Sir Buhay/ Buhay alive by writing, making videos or whatever as tribute to him... ^.^

Happy Father's Day Ama! I love you!

<![CDATA[Kilig is in The Air]]>Wed, 15 Feb 2012 03:46:16 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/kilig-is-in-the-air4-hour trip that turned to 7 due to horrendous traffic was nothing when I was welcomed home by fresh flowers, chocolates, CD ni Lloydie and greeting card... Thank you daddy... KILIG IS IN THE AIR... Happy Valentine's day everyone...
<![CDATA[Grown Up Wishes or Maybe Not So Grown Up After All]]>Tue, 31 Jan 2012 03:25:32 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/grown-up-wishes-or-maybe-not-so-grown-up-after-allOh January is almost over. Usually people start the year with resolutions and year plans. For me I have several grown up wishes for 2012...

1. New healthy, beautiful body. Wiser, patient, understanding, loving me... Oh I just started biking... Oh it feels great to bike again... Thank you Wellam for buying Iya a bike... Hehehe
2. Happy life with my family, friends and and with my boyfriend...  Planning to visit Ama soon... :)
3. Then the material things... Hehehe
Canon digital camera or something better coz I just want to take pictures of my nephews and nieces plus my knitted dolls... Also capture them on video oh I love watching Thera's Fury...
iMac my 4 years 6 months old MacBook is in the shop right now for repair oh I really love that laptop but I think she wants to rest.... Hehehe
Bother sewing machine maybe I have hidden talent for sewing....
Mellissa red shoes oh I fell I love with those shoes...
Fresh flowers! I really love flowers it makes me happy seeing it, smelling it and of course receiving bouquets from my daddy... Hehehe oh I bought roses in Cebu oh smelling it revitalizes me... It's like smelling happiness...
4. Trips! Oh I am so happy that this month I went to Cebu for Sinulog festival then Tagaytay... I wish for more fun and revitalizing trips with my family (I really want to travel with Lareessa to SG or HK for her to experience riding airplanes then Disney or universal studios!) , friends  (pack your bags Amor and Laureanne) and of course with my daddy this year it will be our 5 years together... Yihee... 
5. Of course better relationship with our creator... I really want to visit our Lady of Manaog soon... Oh now I have my own Sto. Niño got it in Cebu out side Cebu Basilica del Sto Niño church.

So far my January is awesome! Looking forward for greater months ahead... Hello love month... Hehehe....
Melissa Talking Red Flock Mid Heel Court Shoe
<![CDATA[Paella Miracle]]>Fri, 06 Jan 2012 04:10:17 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/anything-and-everything/paella-miracleAround lunch time my sister sent a message "come over at the condo for paella, my Spanish patient gave, freshly cooked."

It was the best Spanish paella I ever tasted! Super YUM!

Then I realized a month ago, I remember telling my boyfriend that I want to eat paella. I specifically told him I want the yellow paella, not the one with tomato sauce.  What a miracle!
I forgot to take a photo of the authentic Spanish Paella but it was something like this...