<![CDATA[                    Knitting with Lady Imana - My Health]]>Sat, 09 Jan 2016 22:43:24 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Waking Up Early with Lupus]]>Wed, 28 Nov 2012 21:40:47 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/my-health/waking-up-early-with-lupusYesterday, around 2AM I woke up due to aching back, I tried to go back to sleep but after two hours I decided to get up since I can no longer go back to sleep due to body pains that won't allow me to snooze. For several weeks now my mornings are usually like that. So instead of "fighting" the pain (which honestly I do not know how and sometimes I feel that fighting is very tiring) I just put massage or therapeutic oil on my back and try massaging it. If the pain is greater, I put hot compress. Luckly that does the trick, but there are days that I have to stay in bed simply because of joint and/or back pains and these pains won't allow me to get up from bed by myself - these are the days I hoped Alex is around or I have a loving and caring caregiver to help me move around or get things for me. 

Yesterday was a so-so day for me health wise, I suffered from swelling joints - my finger joints were twice the usual size, but that was just minor since I can still move, (with tolerable pain) life goes on... and I am very grateful that despite all these I can do things I wished to do, like sending e-mails, surfing the net, playing The Smuff Village, doing my crochet project, I even pushed myself to leave the house and watch the Rise of the Guardians with Joaquin, Lareessa and Alex in hope that going out might help me not to focus on the pain I am feeling at that time. I thank God that my decision helped divert my attention from pain to eagerness to see the movie the kids have been waiting for several months. 

Right now, I am up again early in the morning, today feeling much better than yesterday. I am glad to say that I can now turn to my right side when laying on the bed (there are nights that I have to sleep on a sitting position because once I lay flat on bed I have difficulty breathing, so laying flat on bed being able to turn left and right is something I am thankful for), hopefully next time both sides left and right. Since I got up early I decided to check my mail and the only mail I received was from someone, I subscribed to her video blogs about life with Lupus. It's not the best video to watch first thing in the morning since her video was a short one about Kevin McHale's daughter, Sasha - passing away due to Lupus. Prayed for her and her family... Anyway Sam the video blogger with SLE shared a video which was something I can relate to. I wish I can come up with such great video to raise awareness with the disease that we (Sam, Ida, Sasha McHale, me and among others) were diagnosed. In hope that the awareness will make people better understand the struggles of having a "crazy or over active" immune system, so they do not judge us right away as people who seemed healthy but perceived us as doing "nothing" in life simply because some people with Lupus cannot afford to work as a regular employee specially after diagnosis (some took years before they can work again or for my case I am still exploring some potentials, raw talents that I have then developing it to my advantage). If pushed to work some might end up in a flare. Flares that might cause them to be hospitalized for several days/weeks or even months, also consider the financial burden their family need to pay for the hospitalization. So now, people who are quick to judge, maybe try to awaken some empathy in your heart, that might just make us feel better by not being judged quickly (so sorry I am ranting I am tired of people making me feel that I cannot be busy with life just because I am not employed like them). I have a life and I seize my days in productive ways, trust me. ;p 

Well I guess that's it for now. I never really updated this part of my blog, because I feel I have nothing to share. But I vow to myself that I will write whenever I feel like writing or know that I have something worth sharing about life after being diagnosed with Lupus.

By the way, I have postponed going to the hospital for my usual medical laboratory tests. I think after watching Sam's and Plum Foundation's videos and  reading the article about McHale, I think it's a wake up call for me to have Complete Blood Count or CBC to test if I have adequate red and white blood cells among other complicated stuff, urinalysis to check if there is no protein in my urine and again among other things, Creatinine to check how well my kidneys are, especially after having kidney biopsy in October 2011 the result was Class IV Nephritis meaning  severe (there are 5 stages of Chronic Kidney Disease and the final stage is V) and ESR-Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate to measure one's inflammation.  Once results are out hello doctors! *(n.n)*
<![CDATA[Veggie Talk]]>Tue, 31 Jan 2012 02:48:22 GMThttp://ladyimana.weebly.com/my-health/veggie-talkSeveral days ago was I invited to a talk/workshop about healing and cooking. Honestly, I was not interested but after the first text message about the talk, a second message was sent to me about a nurse who did six cycles of chemo therapy and used to take steroids and plaquenil is now in remission. After reading that message I got excited... 

Finally, the awaited talk... The speaker Doctor Susan Balingit talked about wrong habits, misconception about health, medicines prescribed by conventional doctors,what is good and not so good for the body. She also talked about the habits of the natives in the Northern part of the country - how they live, etc.  The talk lasted for three hours but I think the doctor has more to say but she needed to go in preparation for Chinese new year. Good thing she gave her e-mail address and mobile number. (doksusan@yahoo.com / 09178461447)

One of her patients, who was diagnosed with SLE shared her experience, she sought conventional treatment -chemotherapy but she was not getting "better." The protein in her urine was like a pendulum, positive 1,2,3,4; her CBC test was not ok, her kidneys were in danger.  She was loosing hope and was depressed. Then one day she was introduced to Dr. Susan, the doctor's idea is very simple, eat right.... But this is easier said than done, but the patient who was desperate to get well took the challenge. At first the diet was very difficult but this did not stop her after. Several months of good diet and healing sessions with Doc. Susan she felt better, slowly her steroid intake was tappered then eventually no more steroids. She felt good and strong again... Now she is great and in remission for eight years!

The PhP 800  fee for the talk was worth it. All the things that Doc. Susan discussed was true and enlightening also motivating... Now I'm seriously considering her health plan. For me diagnosed with SLE now Lupus Nepritis Class four, her suggestion is all veggie diet take note locally produced organic vegetables... Once I start such diet I will schedule healing sessions with her... I am hoping for the best!